Korelasi Peran Kepemimpinan Dengan Kinerja Organisasi (Telaah Pustaka)


  • sri agustini Universitas Hangtuah, Indonesia


Keywords : Leadership; Organizational Performance


Leadership is an activity to influence the behavior of others, or the art of influencing human behavior, both individuals and groups. In the structural context, leadership is defined as the process of providing motivation so that the people led carry out activities and work in accordance with a predetermined program. In the nonstructural context, leadership can be interpreted as the process of influencing thoughts, feelings, behavior, and mobilizing all facilities to achieve goals that have been set together. Organization as a structured system of cooperative efforts in which each member has recognized contributions and obligations to be carried out. Structure is a correlation between functions in an organization. In other words, organizational structure is the relationship between employees and their duties and functions as implementing group personnel. A quality organizational structure must be qualified and effective. A qualified structure refers to an organizational unit that performs its role in a disciplined manner. On the other hand, a useful structure is an organization that is able to achieve the best analogy between effort and results in performing its role. The purpose of the study was to determine the correlation of leadership roles with organizational performance. This type of research is a literature review or literature review using journals as the main object. The results of the study obtained a positive correlation between leadership roles and organizational performance, where in the journals reviewed the leadership role is mostly functioned through motivational variables, then communication and direction and guidance from leaders to employees / staff in each field of the organization.


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August 17, 2023

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